Children’s Specialized Hospital Research Center Seeking Participants for Multiple Research Programs

June 23, 2016

Children’s Specialized Hospital Research Center is actively recruiting study participants for multiple research programs aimed at advancing the treatment for children with complex medical needs with a specific focus on autism, brain injury, chronic illness, cognition and mobility.

In collaboration with several highly-respected research institutions, universities and medical schools including the Kessler Foundation and a partnership with the Specialized Pediatric Applied Research Collaborative, SPARC, a seven-center research consortium of post–acute care hospitals; Children’s Specialized Hospital is actively involved in a variety of studies to conduct the highest quality evidence-based research to help patients achieve more of their goals.  

From investigator and pharmaceutical trials to collaborative projects with various research institutes, hospitals, and universities hospital clinicians and scientists are recruiting study participants for the following studies:

New Jersey Language and Autism Genetics Study (NJLAGS) – This study is coordinated by a research team at Rutgers University. NJLAGS is focused on understanding how genes influence the development of autism in families. This study is recruiting English speaking families with at least one family member suspected of having an autism spectrum disorder and language impairment along with at least one other family member with a history of language comprehension, speaking or reading problems. Contact: - 848-445-1224.

Janssen Autism Knowledge Engine (JAKE) in Children and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder - This study is being conducted in order to develop a system which helps to measure physical and behavioral outcomes of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The main goal of this study is to evaluate the usability of the JAKE as a system to monitor clinical outcomes in ASD. For children aged 6 years and older. Contact: Melanie Niederhauser, 732-914-1100 ext.3719.

Sertraline Pediatric Registry for the Evaluation of Safety (SPRITES) - A Non-interventional, longitudinal, cohort study to evaluate the effects of long-term sertraline (Zoloft) treatment in children and adolescents. For children aged 6 – 16 years. Contact: Melanie Niederhauser, 732-914-1100 ext.3719.

Study Skills Training to Improve Academic Learning after Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury - Study includes a paper and pencil testing session, followed by 2 days (less than 1 hour per session) of learning new ways to study academic information, then a follow-up testing session. Children who have had a traumatic brain injury and are aged 12-17 years.  Contact: Nancy Moore, - 973-324-8450.

Group Behavioral Intervention – Educational activity programs include interactive group discussions and activities that give children opportunities to be imaginative or creative. For children aged 9-17 years who have had a traumatic brain injury that has affected emotional wellbeing; Contact: Nancy Moore, - 973-324-8450.

Emotional Processing in Children with Traumatic Brain Injury or Autism - Study includes paper and pencil testing session. Tasks include looking at pictures of faces with different emotions and answering questions. Children aged 7-18 years.  Contact: Nancy Moore, - 973-324-8450.

Autism Treatment - Dr. William G. Johnson at Rutgers University is inviting you to take part in a clinical trial called “Sulforaphane in autism. A treatment trial to confirm phenotypic improvement with sulforaphane treatment in a NJ population of individuals with autism” that will test if sulforaphane improves core symptoms of autism. The trial will be a double blind placebo-controlled trial for18-week clinical study with male adolescents or adults between ages 13 and 30 years with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Click HERE to learn more and for contact information.Contact: Edward Stenroos, – 732-235-5490.

Wheelchair Research Study Children and teenagers aged 7-18; Users of manual wheelchairs as your main way to get around; Able to propel your wheelchair in a straight line, on level floor,  up a ramp, and across a mat. Study takes about two hours in total and will take place at Children’s Specialized Hospital, Mountainside, NJ. If interested please contact: Study Coordinator LeighAnn Martinez- 973-324-3557.

For information about Children’s Specialized Hospital Research Center: fellowships and internships, areas of research and current studies, Distinguished Lecture Series, scientific advisory committee collaborations and publications, visit: or contact Claire Marchetta, - 732-258-7288.

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