Children’s Specialized Hospital Initiates Implementation of Unique Care Coordination Software and Services to Treat Medically Complex Children in New Jersey

October 21, 2014

Children’s Specialized Hospital of New Jersey launched the first phase of implementing a robust care coordination model and software platform to further improve the delivery of care for children with complex medical conditions. Using BluePrint Healthcare IT’s Care Navigator™ as their main communication and education tool, physicians, care coordinators, patients and family caregivers will all be involved in a coordinated care approach.

Children's Specialized Hospital’s vision for the delivery of primary care is to establish a fully integrated care delivery model that provides a high-touch, high-quality experience for patients and families, regardless of how or where the patient is served. Children's Specialized strives to continually improve the quality of care it delivers and has chosen to embark on a multi-faceted, multi-year comprehensive, Children's Specialized Care Coordination Program designed and guided by BluePrint consulting services.

 Children’s Specialized Hospital President and CEO Amy B. Mansue said, “We are consistently focused on improving the lives of the children we serve and helping family and caregivers to maximize their child’s access to care. With our coordinated care team’s use of BluePrint’s Care Navigator™ and services, all those involved in a young patient’s journey to better care will benefit from the ongoing communication, feedback and support within the child’s circle of care.”

The initial phase will begin with the development of a new team of care coordinators serving patients seen by physicians in the Mountainside-based practice of Children’s Specialized Hospital. Care coordinators will work with patients and family caregivers to expedite routine and on-going communication before and after appointments, as well as in-between visits. This communication includes scheduling appointments for new patients, well-visits and follow-up visits. The care coordinators will also work with an Insurance Liaison to facilitate referrals with providers and payers. In addition to seeking regular feedback from the family to share with the professional care team, care coordinators will introduce tools that streamline direct communication between family caregivers and patients with their physician and professional care team.

To simplify communication, Care Navigator™ turns clinical and lifestyle quality data into actionable care planning and health promotion information, facilitating "shared care" across departments and systems of care, and throughout a patient's journey to better health. The technology will ensure that Children’s Specialized receives continuous feedback, monitoring and interaction among patients, family members, physicians and clinical support staff.

BluePrint’s President and CEO Vikas Khosla shared, “BluePrint Healthcare IT’s long-standing relationship with Children’s Specialized Hospital and the care they show for the children they serve always inspires us to discover better ways to support their mission. We developed Care Navigator™ and our consulting services to strengthen communication and patient engagement as part of the connected communities of care that Children’s Specialized Hospitals represents.”

This comprehensive care team approach follows a nationally recognized model known as the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH). By embracing the PCMH model for its Mountainside patients, physicians and staff will enhance their mission to improve their patient’s physical and mental health care by recognizing the unique needs of the children and their caregivers. Combining technology and the PCMH approach will help improve timely access to care and overcome the disruptions that can occur during transitions between various care providers. 

About BluePrint Healthcare IT  BluePrint Healthcare IT is a professional services and software company working with healthcare organizations to create secure, connected communities of care to achieve the Triple Aim. Founded in 2003 in Cranbury, NJ, BluePrint Healthcare IT supports hospitals, healthcare systems, accountable care organizations, regional healthcare initiatives and health plans. BluePrint became a Microsoft Managed Partner with the development of Care Navigator™, the care coordination technology platform used to enable active, scalable communication for the whole extended care team from physician to patient. BluePrint’s Innovation Exchange (BIX) public policy initiative supports cross-fertilization and collaboration among its expanding network of provider-based innovation centers. To learn more visit

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