Children’s Specialized Hospital and Kohl’s Autism Awareness Produce Video Series

July 07, 2014

Many parents of children with autism know it can be tough to do simple things like go to the grocery store, select toys, or take a vacation.  The bigger issues—like finding appropriate therapeutic services and schools, ensuring an autistic child’s safety at home and in the community, and helping a child develop friendships—can be even more daunting.  Children’s Specialized Hospital, with generous support from Kohl’s Autism Awareness, has produced a series of 26 short, single-issue videos offering “Real Life Tips” to help families navigate these
The Autism Program at Children’s Specialized Hospital is one of the few in New Jersey that provides coordinated multidisciplinary care for children, adolescents, and families affected by autism spectrum disorders.  As part of this program, the professionals at Children’s Specialized talked to parents about the recurring issues they found most difficult.  The Real Life Tips series grew out of those conversations.  Each video features a Children’s Specialized Hospital doctor, nurse, therapist, or other professional sharing positive, reliable strategies and resources that parents can adapt to meet their needs.  Tip sheets containing additional resources are provided as well.
“Many families find ways to work through the unique challenges of daily life associated with autism.  But there are many other families tiredly searching for helpful strategies – and it can feel like they’re going at it all alone,” said Adrienne Robertiello, autism educator, Children’s Specialized Hospital.  “The Real Life Tips videos and resources have been put together to provide these families with practical tips and help to improve their quality of life.”
Children’s Specialized Hospital’s Real Life Tips series is the first comprehensive online collection of useful informational videos featuring specially trained professionals.  Parents and other caregivers don’t need to hunt for help with their specific problems.  These videos explain strategies they can begin to implement right away and provide a starting point for additional research.  Most of the videos are five or six minutes long.  One of the longest (twelve minutes) is an understandable and trustworthy guide called “Understanding the Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.”
 Children’s Specialized Hospital is the largest regional provider of services for children with autism spectrum disorders and their families, with over 12,000 annual outpatient visits. The hospital focuses on early identification and treatment of autism so that kids can reach their full potential, and is at the forefront of research for treatment and diagnosis of autism.  Moreover, the staff at Children’s Specialized is committed to family-centered care.  For example, the Family Faculty (a group of parents and caregivers of children who have received or still are receiving services at Children's Specialized Hospital) provides valuable emotional support, helps families acquire important resources for their children, and provides valuable feedback to the hospital’s leadership and staff to ensure that each family has the most positive experience possible for the duration of their child’s treatment.
The Real Life Tips video series is free and available to the public at  At the same location, visitors will find a link to the Kohl’s Autism Awareness Community Hub, a one-stop, virtual community filled with pediatric autism resources.

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