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Children's Specialized Hospital Resources
Toys-To-Go Program
Toys for Children with Special Needs

Many children with physical disabilities are unable to play with toys independently. For these children, attempting to push a button or turn a crank can become a frustrating experience. However, with the availability of electro-mechanical toys, even a child with multiple disabilities can experience the delight and enjoyment toys can bring.

Along with enjoyment, toys enhance a child's motor, perceptual, and learning development. They teach cause-and-effect relationships and often provide the first opportunity for the child to control some part of his or her environment.

Children's Specialized Hospital, New Jersey's largest comprehensive rehabilitation hospital dedicated exclusively to children, offers a library for children with disabilities. This toy library, known as Toys-To-Go, offers an array of commonly available commercial toys such as music boxes, busy boxes, mechanical animals and vehicles, etc. which have been adapted for the needs of these children. The toys are available to children on the developmental level of 6 months to 12 years.

The toy library membership is open to schools, rehabilitation centers, professionals serving children with disabilities.

Borrower's Rules
  • The borrower agrees to return toys in good working condition. The borrower is not responsible for any damages caused by normal use. The toys and switches should be returned in the same condition as borrowed. Damage, other than normal use, will be assessed and charged to the borrower up to the full cost of the item.
  • The borrower will clean toys before returning them.
  • Institutions may borrow up to 4 toys and 2 switches at one time.
  • Individuals, through a Children’s Specialzied Hsopital therapist or teacher, may borrow up to 2 toys and one switch at one time.
  • Toys and switches are borrowed for 4 weeks. Toys can be renewed by calling (908) 233-3720 ext. 5380.
For Further Information

Administration of the Toys-To-Go Library program is housed at Children's Specialized Hospital's Education Department located in our Mountainside facility. Requests for membership or additional information should be directed to Monai Lucas at (908) 233-3720, ext 5380.

The Toys To Go Library is made possible through the generous support of the Westfield Twig II, Children's Specialized Hospital Volunteer Services, and Children's Specialized Hospital Foundation.