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Children's Specialized Hospital Recreational Therapy
Inpatient Programming
Play enables children to exert control over various aspects of their environment while helping to create a sense of mastery in circumstances they may not have control over. We offer various activities to help normalize the hospital stay, including supervised play, evening and weekend activities, special events, and holiday parties.

Animal Assisted Therapy
Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) is a therapeutic intervention designed to improve the physical, cognitive, and social-emotional functioning of patients. AAT uses specially trained therapy dogs. AAT integrates the use of the human/animal bond and goal directed interventions as an integral part of the treatment process. Working animals and handlers must be screened, trained and meet specific criteria. The recreational therapist is responsible for setting therapeutic goals and guides the interaction between the patient and the dog. Events We offer a variety of special themed events throughout the year, celebrating holidays, special visits, or other occasions, for patients and families.

Outdoor Play and Community Trips
Outdoor play areas are accessible from all our buildings. Participating in outdoor play helps to increase relaxation, and decrease stress while connecting to nature. Being outdoors helps reset the “internal clock”, balances hormones, and promotes healthy weight. Trips into the community are arranged whenever appropriate for our patients, whether it be to the movies, the mall, a sports game, concert, or other event.

Pet Visitation
Pet Visitation is designed to promote socialization, reduce stress, increase self esteem, and increase quality of life. During pet visitation, Recreational Therapists and dog handlers facilitate interaction between the dogs and patients in a group setting. Patients are given the opportunity to participate in various diversional activities. Some activities include playing catch, grooming, petting, giving treats and socializing.

We provide several safe and fun environments for children to grow and develop during their hospital stay. Our recreation room includes board games, computers, crafts, video games, and other activities for school-age and adolescents to pursue their leisure interests. This can be either structured or unstructured. In our playroom infants, toddlers, and pre-school age children are given opportunities to explore and develop their play and social skills in a supervised playroom. Age appropriate toys and gross motor play are available.

Sibling Support

Whether your child is being hospitalized for only a short time or if your child has on-going special health needs, your typically developing children have their own unique needs. Though siblings are often resilient, they benefit from opportunities to express their thoughts and feelings.

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