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Adaptive Aquatics
Adaptive Aquatics
Children’s Specialized Hospital’s Recreational Therapy Department offers an adaptive aquatics program for children ages 2-10 years old. Classes are 45 minutes long, one time per week, for a 7 week session. These classes are designed to teach swimming and water safety, as well as provide an opportunity for physical activity and social interaction. Instructors combine traditional Red Cross Learn-to-Swim methods with sensory and recreational strategies to match the needs of each child.

Description of Classes:

Children are placed in the most appropriate level to suit their needs and abilities. Please call (908) 301-5432 to help identify the best class placement for your child prior to registration. Class placement is based on a child’s attention span, ability to follow directions in a group setting, and comfort level in the water.
Parent-Child:  A beginner swim program designed to
• Help child and parent develop comfort in the water
• Promote child and parent bond
• Help parent become more comfortable swimming with child
• Provide opportunities for social interaction & fun                                                                                                         
An adult over the age of 18, or a parent must accompany the child in the pool.

Level 1:  A beginner swim program designed for
• Children requiring physical support and/or individual attention to follow directions
• Developing personal comfort level in the water                         
• Coordinating basic movements
• Social interaction                                                                                                                
Skills will be addressed through sensory, recreational & social skills activities.

Level 2: Beginner swim program designed for
• Children with moderate comfort level in water (enters pool & adapts to water with ease)
• Children with attention span greater than 3-5 minutes
• Coordinating swimming skills                                                                                                               
• Building social skills                                                                                                                         
Skills will be addressed through swimming drills, recreational & social skills activities.
Individual sessions: Designed for children with a more significant need for individual attention from instructor. Classes are 30 minutes in length, for a total of 6 classes. These classes run periodically throughout the year. Please call the registration line if interested.
• Introducing swim readiness
• Emphasizing coordination of movement                                                                                                
• Building skills to improve ability to engage safely in group classes

Location of Classes:

Classes offered in Mountainside are held at:
Children's Specialized Hospital
150 New Providence Road
Mountainside, NJ 07092

Classes offered in New Brunswick are held at:
Children's Specialized Hospital
200 Somerset Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Class Fee: $105 
Class will run with a minimum of 3 children

Scholarship funding is available through Autism Speaks® for children with a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Eligibility is based on family size and annual income. See chart below for maximum annual income per household size.

• To receive announcements for each session’s schedule & registration date please call our registration line at (908) 301-5432.



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