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Children's Specialized Hospital Recreational Therapy
Community Recreation Programs
Our community recreation programs are available for patients and members of the public. Many programs fill up quickly, so early registration is recommended.
Friday Night Fever
Our Friday Night Fever program is a monthly social and recreational program for teens with disabilities. The program provides opportunities for teens to make friends, socialize, participate in activities, access a variety of community facilities, and just be a teenager! The group meets monthly for activities at the hospital location or at various facilities in the community. This program is based at both our Toms River and Mountainside locations.
Adaptive Aquatics
The Recreational Therapy Department offers adaptive aquatics programs for children ages 3 to 10 years. Aquatics I is for children with moderate tosevere neurological, physical, and/or social challenges. It’s a beginner swim program focusing on introducing swimming readiness, developing personal comfort level in the water and coordinating basic movements. Skills will be addressed through sensory stimulation, recreation and social skills activities.
Martial Arts
Our Martial Arts class is especially for children with ADHD, neurological impairments, and/or problems with balance, coordination and body awareness. It provides instruction on basic martial arts techniques and listening skills, as taught by a certified martial arts instructor. Coordination of movement, balance and thought are incorporated. this class is appropriate for children from 5 to 13 years old.
Overnight and Day Camps
Children's Specialized Hospital offers both overnight and day camps for children with special healthcare needs.Camps give a child an extraordinary opportunity for independence, making friends, learning, and having fun. We have many different camps for children with special needs. Read more

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