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Recreational Therapy Competencies
With a gradual increase in responsibility, students will gain experience, knowledge, and competency in the following areas:
  • Assess patient needs
  • Identify appropriate interventions
  • Determine behavioral/treatment objectives from assessment results
  • Document behavioral/treatment goals in a progress summary using the chart links system.
  • Complete discharge summaries reflecting progress made toward goals
  • Communicate patient needs/progress at Trans-disciplinary Care Meetings (TCM’s)
  • Organize daily responsibilities and scheduling in a timely, efficient manner
  • Plan and implement Special Event and Out Trip
  • Present in-services to department
  • Develop and monitor personal (educational) goals and progress
  • Describe various conditions, treatment, prognosis and their functional consequences (student will be familiar with a variety of disabilities)
  • Identify safety issues and precautions required: fire, infection control, etc.
  • Adhere to Departmental and Hospital Policies and Procedures
  • Identify and practice patient confidentiality
  • Understands the concept of Trans-disciplinary programming
  • Identify medical terminology and diagnostic descriptions related to disabilities
  • Identify developmental processes in pediatrics
  • Demonstrate professional conduct in the clinical setting
  • Identify how internship experience relates to NCTRC Job Analysis
  • Demonstrate understanding and adherence to ATRA Standards of Practice
  • Understands Performance Improvement in Recreational Therapy
The student will be given the opportunity to implement his/her creativity to combine theory, knowledge and practical experience. The student will be assessed throughout the internship and will be given both a mid-term and final evaluation. The TRIE will be utilized for student evaluations, in addition to any other assessment documents preferred by the student’s academic program. In addition, the student will in turn be given the opportunity to evaluate the field experience at mid-term and the conclusion of the internship.
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