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Children's Specialized Hospital Recreational Therapy
Recreation Therapy Application Materials
To apply for an internship, students should carefully review and complete the requirements below.
Application Materials:
·         Internship Application
Before beginning the application online, please note you will be asked for the following information:
      - List of Recreational Therapy and allied health-related coursework
      - A current resume
      - Cover letter
      - Three references and contact information
      - A description of work or volunteer experience, minimum of 100 hours, with children; including but not limited to well children, hospitalized children, and children with disabilities.
·         Review Dress Guidelines
·         Health Requirements
If accepted, the following materials are required:
·         Background check
The fee is $65 for New York residents and $30 for all other states.
·         Health Requirements
·         College/University affiliation agreement with the hospital.
·         Items on all non-employee orientation/competency checklist, to be completed by college/university advisor. (This document will be sent to interns accepted into our program.)
After reviewing all applications, the Recreational Therapy Intern Coordinator will notify qualified candidates, to schedule an interview.
If you prefer to apply via mail, please download the application and send to the internship coordinator.
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