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One child life practicum student will be selected for the summer practicum program.  The practicum program at Children’s Specialized Hospital is a total of 100 hours, 8 hours/week program.  The objective of the child life practicum student will be to assist with clinical and support tasks as appropriate for level training.  Furthermore, the practicum student will have the opportunity to observe actual therapy treatment sessions throughout the day.

Selection Procedure
  • All students must be from an accredited college of university.
  • After reviewing the guidelines, if the student feels that CSH will meet their practicum goals, the student may submit the child life application to the internship coordinator.
  • Following a satisfactory review of the submitted application, an interview will be scheduled with the Child Life Staff.
  • Students will be selected based on feedback from Child Life staff and previous experience.
If after reviewing the following information, you are still interested in a practicum at our facility, the application must be completed and returned by the following dates:

Practicum Student Starting Information June (Summer)
Application Deadline January 5th
Interviews held in the month of January/February
Offer Deadline February 22nd
Acceptance Deadline February 28th

Click here to download a copy of the Child Life Practicum Application.

After reviewing the application, the child life internship coordinator will notify qualified candidates to schedule an interview.

Applicant Requirements

Students are required to have:
  • Child Life Council Coursework review results.  Fee is $35.00 and can be found on Child Life Council website http://www.childlife.org/Certification/Getting%20Certified/CourseWorkReview.cfm
  • 2 letters of recommendation.
  • A current resume (include education, volunteer, and field experiences).

Documents required upon acceptance of practicum:
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the child life internship coordinator at (732) 258-7411 or Awest-hewitt@childrens-specialized.org
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