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Children's Specialized Hospital Occupational Therapy
Rehabilitation Technology FAQ
The Family Advisory Council at Children’s Specialized Hospital is dedicated to
collaborating with Hospital leadership and staff -- empowering families to
provide valuable input toward improving organizational policies and practices.
The Council has created the information below to assist in
preparing for your visit.
Rehabilitation Technology:
Questions Often Asked By Our Families
Q: Why is my child seeing Rehabilitation Technology?
A: Your physician or another healthcare professional has referred your child to rehabilitation technology (rehab tech) for assessment of your child's equipment needs. The specialists in the rehab tech department will work with you and your child to enhance your child's strengths and abilities through the use of specialized equipment. This will allow your child to participate to the best of their ability in family, school, community, employment and recreation activities.
Q: How long will the evaluation take?
A: The initial evaluation/first appointment will take approximately 1 ½ hrs. During this appointment, the therapist will check out how your child's body moves and determine what your child can do independently and in what areas your child may need assistance. The therapist will take some measurements of your child's body that will be used to determine the most comfortable and functional position for your child. You, your child and the therapist will then discuss things about your home, car and activities your child participates in during their daily life so recommendations can begin to be made on what type of equipment will be best to meet all of your needs.
Q: Will there be equipment for my child to try?
A: During the second appointment, you and your child will meet with the therapist and an equipment supplier. Together you will discuss what type of equipment is needed to meet your needs. Recommendations for specific equipment will be made by your therapist. Together you will decide what equipment you may wish to order to assist you and your child in their daily life. The supplier may bring equipment for you to look at that day. This second appointment will take approximately 1½ hours.
Q: Who will order the equipment?
A: The supplier will submit an order form and justification for the equipment to your insurance company. They will also submit a detailed report that will be provided by your therapist and sent to your physician for their signature. The insurance company will mail their decision to the supplier and you. Once approved, your supplier will order the equipment. When the equipment arrives the supplier will contact us. We will call you to schedule a fitting appointment.
Q: Who will do the evaluation?
A: The evaluation will be done by a Physical Therapist with special training in assistive technology.
Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Please bring:
-A current photo ID (license)
-Insurance card
-Referral if needed
-School reports
-Prior evaluations
-Names/addresses of individuals you might want the report sent to
-A list of medications, and equipment your child may use
It is very important to bring the intake form that was sent to you with information regarding your child and home.
Many parents find it helpful to bring a list of questions to ask the therapist.
Q: What should my child wear?
A: Please have your child wear loose comfortable clothing and a pair of socks. Please bring all braces, AFO's, body jackets, hand splints, communication boards/devices, etc. that your child may use.
Q: Can I bring my other children?
A: If possible, it is recommended that siblings stay home so that the parent can give their undivided attention during the evaluation. Understanding that childcare is sometimes difficult, when bringing siblings, it may be helpful to bring another adult and activities to occupy the siblings during the evaluation.
Q: If equipment is recommended, will my insurance pay for it ?
A: Coverage for durable medical equipment varies from one insurance policy to another. A claim will be filed with your insurance company by the supplier. If you have a case manager at your insurance company this information will be sent directly to them. If you do not have a case manager, it would be helpful to request one. Having a case manager at your insurance company can help expedite your claim and allows the supplier to communicate directly with one person. The time it takes to process a claim varies with insurance companies. Once the insurance company approves your claim, the equipment will be ordered. If your insurance company denies your claim, please call your child's therapist, they will be able to help you with the appeals process. If your insurance company changes anytime during this process, please notify us immediately. This may cause the entire approval process to start over again.
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