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Children's Specialized Hospital Recreational Therapy

Child Life and Recreational Therapy Dress Guidelines

Students at all sites are expected to project a professional image both in their demeanor and in their dress.
Students should dress comfortably. Identification badges must be worn at all times while on hospital property. Scrubs are permitted. Jeans and t-shirts with promotional messages are not permitted. Sweatpants, exercise pants, or yoga pants are not acceptable. Short skirts and snug clothing are inappropriate.
Please consider hand hygiene when considering wearing acrylic nail tips, and when choosing nail color. Long earrings are not advised. Students are expected to wear closed-toed shoes with socks at all times.
It is advised for students to keep a change of clothing at work to be prepared for unexpected events that may take place during patient care.
In the aquatics program, students in our New Brunswick internship  will need to know the following:
Dress for the program requires a one-piece bathing suit (racing-style suit, or one with adequate coverage) and either flip-flops or water shoes. Students should always consider the active nature of the children they will be assisting and choose swimwear accordingly. Students are welcome to wear shorts and/or a t-shirt over their one-piece swimsuit if desired. Students are also expected to bring their own towel
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