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Children's Specialized Hospital Neuro Rehabilitation
Neuropsychological evaluations are comprised of a battery of standardized assessments which provide insight into the scope and severity of cognitive impairments after an acquired head injury or disease. These results are used to plan effective intervention strategies that allow your child or adolescent to aspire to the highest level of their potential.

The standardized tests used at Children’s Specialized have been selected to assess cognitive skills in the areas of intellect, reading, writing, math, receptive and expressive language, attention, learning, memory, executive functioning, visual spatial skills, reasoning, problem-solving and sensor motor skills.

These comprehensive evaluations, which are typically conducted yearly, assess how your child or adolescent’s pattern of strengths and weakness may change with their ongoing development. These assessments are beneficial in informing treatment and educational planning to improve function in home, school and community throughout the course of recovery and rehabilitation.

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