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Children's Specialized Hospital Autism Program
Friends and Family Resources

Make friends with autism

The Make Friends with Autism program offers the following resources to friends and family to help educate them about autism.

Understanding Autism in Your Community (PPT)

Community Outings
About Community Outings
Hair Cut   |  Restaurant |  Grocery Store  |  Movies  |  Place of Worship  |  Playground  | Mass Transportation 
 Social Stories
About Social Stories
Hair Cut   |  Restaurant   |  Movies   |  Playground   |  Grocery Store   |  Using A Public Restroom   |  Walking Through Town   |  Wearing My Seatbelt  Social Story Template
In The Community  |  Personal  |  Car

 Autism Awareness Cards
About Autism Awareness Cards
Autism Awareness Cards - Children
Autism Awareness Cards - Adults

This program has been made possible by
the Kohl’s KidsAbilities Program
at Children’s Specialized Hospital
through the generosity of Kohl’s Cares.

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