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Children's Specialized Hospital Autism Program
Make Friends with Autism


Make friends with autismAbout the Initiative

Make Friends with Autism is a community focused education initiative that encourages understanding, inclusion, support, and appreciation of people and families with autism.Through a generous grant from Kohl's, Children's Specialized Hospital provides materials to businesses, recreation providers, neighbors, and families to support the integration of people with autism into community life.
Educational Videos:
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General Information:

 Fact Sheet
 Terminology & Acronyms
 Resources & References
 Autism - Understanding & Respect
 Picture Communication Tool
 Selected Books Related to Autism Spectrum Disorders
 Disclaimer and Privacy Statement

Practical Resources:
This program has been made possible by
the Kohl’s KidsAbilities Program
at Children’s Specialized Hospital
through the generosity of Kohl’s Cares.

Kohl's Cares
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