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Children's Specialized Hospital Autism Program
Education, Outreach, and Resources
Our staff provides training workshops and presentations for community and professional groups on various topics related to autism.

make friends with autism


Make Friends with Autism

Children’s Specialized Hospital, one of New Jersey’s largest providers of services for children with autism, with funding provided by Kohl’s Department Stores, has created a community focused outreach project, Make Friends with Autism, to promote autism awareness.

The bilingual (English/Spanish), multi-media initiative provides tools, guides, and resources for successful inclusion of people with autism and their families in the community.
  • Provides useful information about autism spectrum disorders
  • Helps families prepare for safe and successful community outings
  • Facilitates positive relationships between individuals with autism and businesses, recreation providers, and other community members
friends like you friends like me
Friends like You. Friends Like Me.

As part of their common childhood activities, children are exposed to others who act, think, and communicate in different ways, including those with autism.  The information and presentation methods of Friends Like  You. Friends Like Me help children understand autism in an age appropriate manner reinforces everyone’s desire to be accepted and have friends, highlights similarities rather than differences, and encourages inclusion, respect, and friendship between children of all abilities in all aspect of their lives.  With funding provided by Kohl’s Department Stores, Children’s Specialized Hospital provides useful resources to help build awareness and encourage inclusion, respect, and friendship between children and teens of all abilities. 

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