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Children's Specialized Hospital Audiology Program
Frequently Asked Questions
The Family Advisory Council at Children’s Specialized Hospital is dedicated to
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The Council has created the information below to assist in
preparing for your visit.
Questions Often Asked By Our Families
Q: Why am I seeing an audiologist?
A: Your pediatrician or another healthcare professional may have referred you to a pediatric audiologist to evaluate your child’s hearing or auditory processing (the brain’s ability to understand what it hears).
Q: What will happen during the hearing evaluation?
A: The audiologist will obtain information regarding your child’s medical history and developmental milestones. The audiologist will look in your child’s ears and use a small probe that will assess for fluid in the ear and middle ear function.
The type of hearing test performed is based on your child’s developmental age. The audiologist is usually seated out of sight of the patient or in another room during the test.
6 months to 3 years:
The child is either seated on the parents lap or is in a chair. Sounds are presented through speakers. Eye shift or head- turn responses to sound are rewarded by activation of a lighted mechanical toy near the speaker.
3- 5 years:
Child wears headphones on their ears. Hearing is evaluated using play activities. Your child may be asked to place a block into a bucket when they hear a sound.
School-aged children:
Child wears headphones on their ears. They are asked to raise their hand each time they hear a sound and repeat words.
Q: How long will the evaluation take?
A: Depending on your child’s age, the evaluation may take up to 90 minutes.
Q: What is my role during the evaluation?
A: The audiologist will ask you questions regarding your child’s medical history, development and areas of concern. They will let you know if they need any help during the evaluation.
Q; What if my child is not able to participate in a hearing test?
A: Computer based tests can be used with children who are not able to participate in traditional hearing tests.
Q: What if my child is referred for an auditory processing evaluation?
A: The auditory process evaluation is administered over two separate sessions. Children must be at least 7 years of age (developmentally) and be able to count and repeat a series of words/sentences. In addition to the hearing test, the child will listen and respond to recorded material presented through headphones.
Q: Will there be time to discuss the findings? If therapy is recommended how long will my child need services?
A: The audiologist will discuss the evaluation findings with you and their recommendations at the end of the evaluation.
Q: When will I get a report?
A: You should receive a written report by mail within 3 weeks.
Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Please bring:
-A current photo ID (license)
-Insurance card
-Referral if needed
-A current list of your child’s medications
-School reports
-Prior evaluations
-Names/addresses of individuals you might want the report sent to
-Equipment your child may use (glasses, hearing aid, etc)
-Guardian papers (if joint, or sole custody)*
Many parents also find it helpful to bring a list of questions to ask the audiologist
Q: Can I bring my other children?
A: If possible, it is recommended that siblings stay home so that the parent can give their undivided attention during the evaluation. Understanding that child care is sometimes difficult, when bringing siblings, it may be helpful to bring another adult and activities to occupy the siblings during the evaluation.
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