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Child Life Student Sample Training Guide

The following is an example of a 15-week internship program at Children’s Specialized Hospital. Depending on the length of your internship, this outline may be altered. However, this guide should serve as an example of the type of training you will receive at this facility.

• Orientation, introduction to Child Life and R.T. staff, facility, and assigned unit.
• Shadowing of clinical supervisor, and/or other certified staff observing treatments and programs, taking notes of observation and questions to be answered at scheduled supervision.
• Review Recreational Therapy/Child Life department manuals.
• Orientation/Inservice to selected department programs
• Attend department staff meetings, this week and thereafter.
• Attend Hospital Orientation
• Meet with intern supervisor this week and thereafter.
• Establish internship goals and objectives
• Begin maintaining a weekly reflective journal.

• Assist with R.T./Child Life programs structured and unstructured.
• Continue review of Recreational Therapy/Child Life departmental manuals with special attention to mission, organization, and programs offered by departments (protocols).
• Begin orientation with other disciplines (i.e. speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy).
• Inservice to medical chart review
• Attend Transdisciplinary Care meeting (TCM)

• Begin planning activity sessions and assume co-leadership role in designated activities; hand in an outline including goals of activity to intern supervisor.
• Observe C.L./R.T. initial team assessments
• Continue orientation with departments.
• Orientation about special events.
• Orientation to documentation and assessments.
• Complete required child life competencies.

• Continue planning activity sessions and assume co-leadership role designated activities.
• Attend TCMs and contribute clinical information on patients(s) observed and worked with.
• Practice writing an evaluation and progress note.
• Begin to select a special event (parent program, Family Friday, NFCM).
• Orientation to Community Integration trips.
• Attend an out trip.
• Begin to select an inservice topic that will be presented to Recreational Therapy/Child Life department staff
• Begin to treat individual patients, take on own caseload.
• Begin planning child life related project.

• Evaluate a patient independently, and perform required documentation.
• Select a location for the evening Community Integration trip
• Independently plan and implement recreational therapy/child life programs.
• Finalize plans for special event, discuss with internship coordinator.
• Review mid-term report with internship supervisor.
• Complete post-test on recommended readings.

• Orientation to budget and ordering procedure.
• Maintain adherence to timely documentation.
• Implement and evaluate special event
• Implement and evaluate out trip.
• Present in-service/journal review to Recreational Therapy/Child Life Department.
• Assume the majority of the responsibilities that a typical staff member performs.

• Prepare patients and staff for your separation.
• Participate in final evaluation with internship supervisor.

NOTE: ** In addition to the basic staff requirements, the following assignments must be completed during the internship. Due dates will be selected by student intern and supervisor.
• Diagnosis reviews
• *In-service
• *Journal review
• Site visits to other child life programs
• Written plans and reflections for sessions and activities
• Child Life related project
• Daily journal
• Completion of competencies
• Completion of reading/written assignments

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