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Children's Specialized Hospital Medical Day Care
Our Team
Our highly trained staff includes a medical director, program manager, pediatric nurses, nursing assistants, physical therapist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, social worker, teacher, and a nutritionist and pharmacist for consultation with staff and parents.
Nursing Services:
The nursing staff provides daily nursing assessment and care of the child, education for the families, coordination of services, and communication with the families and the day care team.
Educational Services:
Our head teacher develops individualized plans of care for each child. Each day, individual and group activities are provided that promote cognitive, emotional, physical and social growth and development. She also works in conjunction with the therapy recommendations provided by the therapists.
Therapy Services:
Individual therapy: physical, occupational and speech therapy are available with an order from your primary care physician. The therapist provides the recommended services on site, with daily carryover by your child’s caregiver.
Patient Care Coordination:
Upon admission our Social Worker interviews each family and visits their home to complete a home assessment prior to admission. The Social Worker, along with other team members, sets goals and plans for the child’s future. Referrals are made to ensure an appropriate discharge plan and follow-up.
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