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Long-Term Care Therapy Activities
As a part of non-traditional therapy, there are many other activities your child may be apart of that involve touch as well as the four other senses.

Sensory Spa Room
Senses: All five senses
This room is designed to create a relaxing underwater themed sensory experience for your children. The children get out of their chairs and actively explore their environment. The room has bubble tubes, a waterbed mattress, and a waterfall light spray hanging from the ceiling, a leaf swing chair, and a projector.  

Pet Therapy
Senses: touch, smell, hearing, and sight
Therapy Pets/Visiting Pets come to the Pediatric Long Term Care center periodically. Stroking an animal’s fur (assisted or unassisted) is a wonderful stress reliever. The children love their visits with the animals. 
Senses: touch, smell, hearing, sight
Volunteers come daily from 10:30-12 and 1:30-3 throughout the week to hold and rock, read, play/interact, and stroll your child ( 3 years and under) throughout the unit. 
Sensory Groups
Senses: All five senses
Multidisciplinary group that is run by Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Recreational Therapy and, Child Life. The children participate in different types of activities, crafts, games, developmental play with adaptive toys, movement activities in a swing, on a mat or air mattress. We also have tasting and smelling activities to awaken these senses.

Open Recreation 
Senses: touch, smell, hearing, sight
Throughout the day, when the Therapy Suite is not being used for scheduled therapies, the children come to participate in play activities with their peers, volunteers, and staff.  Open recreation time includes playtime with staff and volunteers, computer time, video games, arts & crafts, movies, board games, and sensory based activities.

Evening Recreation
Senses: touch, smell, hearing sight
Evening activities are scheduled for the children M-Thurs 6:15-7:30 and Friday from 5-6pm. Children participate in all kinds of activities, such as arts & crafts, gross motor play, sensory play, social activities, special events. This is when we have many volunteers come to play with the children or come and put on musical, theatrical and dance performances.

Senses: touch, smell, hearing, and sight
Group volunteers (schools, companies, town organizations and religious organizations) as well as Children’s Specialized Hospital individual volunteers come daily to play, interact, and engage your child during afterschool hours, evening recreation programs and during open recreation. They are individual and group based volunteers. 

Patient Pals
Senses: touch, smell, hearing, and sight
One on one volunteers that come to play, engage, and interact with your child during afterschool hours. They also, help your child with homework.
Out of the Building Trips
Senses: All five senses
Periodically some of the children take trips into the community.
Switch Toys
Senses: touch, hearing, and sight
A switch adapted toy is a toy that has been modified so that the children can press a switch and activate the toy. Adaptive toys are used to improve a skill or reach a developmental goal. Toys can be adapted to involve any of the three senses.
Interactive computer/Video Games
Senses: touch, hearing, and sight
There are computers and video games available for the children to use in the dayroom and family lounge areas. 
Computer stations
Senses: touch, hearing, and sight
We have five computer stations for the children to use in the Therapy Suite and the Family Lounge area. They all have switch computer access.
Switch Computer Programs
Senses: touch, hearing, and sight
Computer programs are used that are easy for the children to interact with the computer.  

Senses: sight, hearing
Televisions are available throughout the center. The programming watched is always suitable for children. Children enjoy the sounds and visuals in the kid programming.  
Music Therapy
Senses: touch, hearing
Music Therapy is used with the children since it’s benefits are many. It helps reduce stress and anxiety and studies have shown that it is beneficial to respiratory rate and improves mood while enhancing quality of life.

Music & Sound Machines Bedside
Sense: hearing
Music and sound machines are used at bedside for the same reason we utilize Music Therapy.  
Age/cognitively appropriate toys and Cause /effect light up toys
Senses: sight, touch, and hearing
Toys that stimulate the senses are placed bedside or can be placed on the children's lap trays to encourage play and interaction when sitting in their chairs. 
Auditory and Tactile Area in Hallway
Senses: touch, hearing, and sight
We have two tactile walls, the fiber optic board and tactile board for children to enjoy touching while out in the hall. The tonky honk piano that children can swipe their hands over to make music.
LED Light panels
Senses: sight
At bedside each child will have an LED light panel above their bed that will change colors to visually engage the children when in bed.

Special Events - There are many Special Events scheduled throughout the year such as Holiday Parties, Petting Zoo, musicians, Beach Party and Family Photo day.
Family Day Weekend Special Events- There are Family Day Events scheduled once or twice a quarter for families to gather together to enjoy a movie, snacks and the company of other families in the Pediatric Long Term Care center.
Church Services- one Sunday a month. -There is a scheduled Church service one Sunday a month. If you would like your child to participate please let the Patient Care Coordinator know.
Visits with Family- Your child always enjoys a visit from their families.
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