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Non-Traditional Therapy
Non-traditional therapy involves engaging all the five senses in daily setting:
·  Touch
·  Smell
·  Sight
·  Taste
·  Hearing
A child’s first and most important sense is that of touch. It is the first sense your child developed in the womb. Babies need it to survive and grow, and the need for touch remains with them throughout their lives. In the 1940’s Dr. Fritz Talbot discovered that in a children’s clinic babies that were being held, touched and mothered were thriving when all other medical possibilities had been exhausted. Here in the Pediatric Long Term Care Center your child experiences the sense of touch daily through:
  • Daily grooming- hair brushed, mouth cleaned, clothes changed, nose wiped
  • Talking with your child during the day
  • Diaper changes
  • Bathing
  • Receiving their medications
  • Receiving their food (by mouth or feeding tube)
  • Getting out and into their bed
  • Getting out and into their chair
  • Being put in a swing or playpen
  • Being out in the main areas with their peers/staff
  • Riding the bus (School age children)
  • Being strolled in their wheelchair
  • Kiss or stroke on the head, pat on the back, stroke of the hand
Along with these daily experiences, there are many other activities your child may be a part of that involve touch and the four senses.

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