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Respiratory Care
The Respiratory department is made up of some of the finest respiratory therapists in the state of New Jersey. Their role is to deliver breathing medications and therapies that support and maintain adequate ventilation, oxygenation and overall health. The respiratory therapists are hands-on at the bedside demonstrating the life-sustaining techniques ordered by our medical staff to improve your child’s ability to breathe. Our respiratory therapists will listen to breath sounds, evaluate air exchange, note the vitals signs, remove secretions and position the child to breathe at their best. 

Some of the advanced techniques our respiratory therapists perform are: tracheostomy removal and insertion, weaning from mechanical ventilation and on-site lab for blood gases, glucose, chemistry and keto levels. During extreme emergencies, our respiratory therapists will be right there to provide breathing and circulatory support including CPR. Our department staffs respiratory therapists on the unit around the clock, everyday and every night. 
When it comes to learning the care of your child with a tracheostomy and/or with mechanical ventilation, our staff provides direct training and care techniques to allow greater opportunities to visit outside the facility to your home, special events and over-night stays. We are here to support you and your child.
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