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Children's Specialized Hospital Long Term Care
Pediatric Long Term Care Team
Administrative Director of Pediatric Long Term Care
The Licensed Nursing Home Administrator responsibilities are to insure the quality of care and the maintenance of safe and appropriate business practices.  This includes insuring that we meet Federal, State, Local and Organizational regulations and policies.  The goal is always to strive for customer satisfaction and best practices in all that we do.

Nurse Manager
The Nurse Manager’s responsibilities are to ensure that hospital policies and procedures are carried out, that we have appropriate staff, and to generally make sure the Pediatric Long Term Care Center runs smoothly and that the children’s needs are being met.  She is available to help you and the staff with any questions or concerns that the person working directly with your child was not able to answer. 

Nurse Practitioner
The Family Nurse Practitioner responsibilities are to perform the initial medical assessment, monitor progress, prescribe and supervise therapy, and meet regularly with the family. The Family Nurse Practitioner is in the Pediatric Long Term Care Center the following days but also can be reached by phone.

The Physicians responsibilities are to perform the initial medical assessment with the Family Nurse Practitioner and work closely with the Family Nurse Practitioner in the ongoing care of your child.  The physicians do not have scheduled days on the floor but can by reached by the Family Nurse Practitioner. 

Registered Nurses (RN) and Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
The registered nurse responsibilities are the coordination and planning of nursing care. They work with the LPN’s and Certified Nurse assistants to evaluate each child's condition, to plan and implement nursing care, and to discuss current needs. A Registered Nurse is on duty at all times (24 hours a day). The nursing staff is responsible for providing direct care such as giving medications, and specialized treatments as well as the physical care for your child’s daily needs.   Please feel free to speak to the nurse concerning any questions or concerns you /your child may have. 
Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA)
The Certified Nursing Assistant responsibilities are to work hand in hand with the nurses and therapists to make sure that your child’s daily needs are met. They take care of daily grooming and dressing needs and make sure that your child is comfortable and happy. Daily care routines and bath schedules are set up for each child
Patient Care Coordinator (PCC)
A Patient Care Coordinator will be available to support and assist you/your child and will maintain close contact with you. She can help you get answers to questions, find special resources for your child’s needs, inform you of special meetings and events and in general help you navigate the many journeys you will make in caring for your child.
Physical Therapist
The Physical therapist responsibilities are to work with each child to maintain or improve range of motion, and promote independent functional mobility through exercises, both active and passive, functional positioning, and through the use of braces and positioning equipment.
Occupational Therapists
The Occupational Therapist responsibilities are to focus on activities that improve functions of the hands, arms, and upper body, as well as eye-hand coordination and various motor skills that help contribute to the child's physical and emotional independence.
Speech Therapist
The Speech Therapist responsibilities are to work with each child to assess their ability to eat, swallow and communicate. If the child is able to eat by mouth, the speech therapist will help to determine the best food/texture for their diet. The speech therapist also accesses the child’s ability to communicate both verbally and/or through alternate means of communication which includes use of switches, picture boards, etc.
The Restorative Nursing Assistant
The Restorative Nursing Assistant responsibilities are to act as a liaison between the nursing department and the therapy teams. The Restorative Nursing Assistant assists the nursing staff to carry out a restorative plan set forth by the therapy team.
Recreational Therapist
Rereational therapists responsibilities are to utilize play, recreation, and leisure activities to improve the physical, cognitive, sensory and social/emotional abilities of infants, toddlers, children and adolescents. The primary purpose of their treatment is to identify, improve and/or enhance the functional abilities and independence of the children through leisure and play skills/techniques. We also focus on engaging our residents through play and social opportunities through leisure group and evening recreation activities, special events, open recreation play times, pet therapy programming, music therapy, volunteers, patient pals, cuddler program. community out trips, and family encouraged activities.
Child Life Specialist
The child life specialist responsibility is to use age-appropriate activities to provide support, pain management, and coping skills for medical and therapy procedures.
Rehabilitation Technology
Rehabilitation Technology responsibility is to provide children with the proper seating and positioning devices, and mobility-access equipment such as wheelchairs, to enable children to interact with their environment. The staff also can provide children with access to the latest technology in orthotics and prosthetics.
NOPCO - New Jersey Orthotics and Prosthetics Department
The staff can provide children with access to the latest technology in orthotics and prosthetics.
The psychotherapist provides counseling services to your child and your family. These services are arranged for on referral by the care team.
Respiratory Care (Mountainside Center only)
The Respiratory department is made up of some of the finest respiratory therapists in the state of New Jersey. Their role is to deliver breathing medications and therapies that support and maintain adequate ventilation, oxygenation and overall health. The respiratory therapists are hands-on at the bedside demonstrating the life-sustaining techniques ordered by our medical staff to improve your child’s ability to breathe. Our respiratory therapists will listen to breath sounds, evaluate air exchange, note the vitals signs, remove secretions and position the child to breathe at their best.
Some of the advanced techniques our respiratory therapists perform are: tracheostomy removal and insertion, weaning from mechanical ventilation and on-site lab for blood gases, glucose, chemistry and keto levels. During extreme emergencies, our respiratory therapists will be right there to provide breathing and circulatory support including CPR. Our department staffs respiratory therapists on the unit around the clock, everyday and every night.
When it comes to learning the care of your child with a tracheostomy and/or with mechanical ventilation, our staff provides direct training and care techniques to allow greater opportunities to visit outside the facility to your home, special events and over-night stays. We are here to support you and your child.
Family Faculty
Family Faculty will provide peer to peer support to assist families with transition and adjustment to the Pediatric Long Term Care center. Family Faculty also assists with many of the family programs and activities.
Nutritionist Department
A comprehensive nutritional assessment is conducted to address the nutritional needs of your child. A dietary representative is part of the interdisciplinary team and attends care plan meetings every 3 months.
Regarding Kosher Meals: We do not keep a kosher kitchen for food preparation and handling. We assume responsibility only for heating and serving frozen kosher meals, intact (in other words, in the packing in which they are delivered and with disposable plates and utensils). We do not accept responsibility for any other items placed on the food service tray or table. Children and families assume the responsibility for assuring that tray and table items meet their religious standards.
The pharmacist dispenses and monitors all medication prescribed for the child. The hospital pharmacist is an integral member of the health care team. The pharmacist, physician and nurse work together to meet your child’s medication needs. 
Spiritual Needs/Chaplain
Please feel free to invite your clergy to visit your child. We would be happy to contact the clergy who visit our hospital on an on-call basis, should you wish them to meet with you and/or your child. Please speak to your nurse or other staff about any support you or your child have for meeting your spiritual needs. In addition, our Chaplain will see your child when they visit the home and provide spiritual direction at that time. If you have special requests for your child you can make them known to the chaplain. The chaplain is also a presence for the family for support and counseling.
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