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Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Children's Specialized Hospital Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Children's Specialized Hospital
Treatment and Outcomes
When a patient is admitted, the physician-in-charge and the rehabilitation team complete a comprehensive evaluation. Our team of specialists plans a treatment program and meets regularly throughout the child’s stay to monitor progress and set goals. The patient and family take part in forming long- and short-term goals.
Discharge planning begins as soon as the patient is admitted to the Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Program. At that time, the patient and his or her family are thoroughly educated about future needs. As discharge approaches, the patient can make a functional trial visit to his or her home. This ensures a smooth transition for the entire family when he or she actually leaves the hospital. Additional services for returning to school and community activities are also available.
The program provides comprehensive follow-up, from referring the patient to proper medical specialists to ensuring continuity of care. While at our hospital, each patient receives medical and nursing care, appropriate rehabilitation therapy,
With a mission to help every child reach his or her fullest potential, the Children’s Specialized team is highly motivated by a strong record of positive patient outcomes and success.
  • In 2010, 24 patients were admitted to the spinal cord dysfunction program with an average hospital stay of 54 days.
  • Our rehabilitation outcomes were in the top quartile compared to similar pediatric rehabilitation facilities.
  • Following discharge, parents/caregivers expressed 100% confidence in managing their child’s care.
  • Our Press Ganey patient satisfaction overall score was at the 94th percentile.
*Source: Children’s Specialized Hospital, Press Ganey, WeeFim, 2010
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