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Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Children's Specialized Hospital Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Children's Specialized Hospital
Spinal Cord Rehabilitation
The Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Program at Children’s Specialized Hospital provides intensive and comprehensive rehabilitation services for infants, children, and adolescents with acquired, traumatic, and congenital spinal cord dysfunction. The program, approved by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, treats patients with all levels of pediatric spinal cord dysfunction, from the child dependent on a ventilator to the individual with mild nerve damage.
Patients are treated with an aggressive rehabilitation program, coupled with comprehensive medical and nursing care. Because of this team approach, a coordinated plan of care is designed to meet the complex needs of each patient and his or her family.
This program helps patients with lower-level spinal cord injuries (paraplegia) as well as those with cervical spinal cord injuries (tetraplegia/quadriplegia) who need medical support, special equipment, special feeding needs – like intravenous and central lines, for example - and ventilator assistance. We strive to develop an ambitious treatment plan, along with realistic expectations, to ensure maximum success and help each patient reach his or her fullest potential.
Patients and their families are an essential part of the rehabilitation team. We strongly encourage family participation in treatment sessions, goal setting, and discharge planning. Our team instructs families in caring for their children and using special equipment. The team educates patients and families about the impact a spinal cord injury or dysfunction will have on their lives.
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