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Our Team
The Rehabilitation Team
Patients in the Pain Management Program work with:

Family: The family plays a pivotal role in both care and advocacy for their child. They learn all aspects of medical, nursing and therapy care for a safe discharge home.

Nurses: Nurses focus on special nursing and medical needs and provide
family education.

Patient Care Coordinator (PCC):
The Patient Care Coordinator advocates for patients and assists families. The PCC helps set goals; identifies home-discharge barriers which may require alternative funding; coordinates with health insurers; and refers families to nursing/home care services, and therapy in the community.

Physical Therapist: The Physical Therapist works with the patient to improve endurance, strength, mobility, and alignment for daily activities and play. The Physical Therapist helps the patient tolerate handling and positioning in order to optimize development.

Psychologist: The Psychologist assesses the patient and family’s levels of coping and provides ongoing support and guidance related to mood management, communication issues, child development, parenting and other family-focused issues.

Occupational Therapist:
The Occupational Therapist focuses on social and play skills to improve development, coordination, sensory processing and self-care skills when appropriate.

Recreational Therapist and Child Life Therapist:
The Recreational Therapist establishes a foundation on which teens build recreational skills and promote social and emotional development. The Child Life Specialist provides comfort and procedural support to lessen anxiety from
separation and hospitalization, and promotes use of creative modalities as a form of self-expression.
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