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Children's Specialized Hospital Infant and Toddler Program
Treatment and Outcomes
When a patient is admitted, the physician in charge and the rehabilitation team complete a comprehensive evaluation. Our team of specialists plans a treatment program to set goals, and meets regularly throughout the child’s stay to monitor progress. The family takes part in forming long- and short-term goals.
Discharge planning begins as soon as patients are admitted to the Infant Toddler Program. Families are thoroughly educated about future needs, which may include a home evaluation to determine how best to accommodate ventilators, oxygen, or other medical equipment. Before discharge, families make a functional trial visit to their home or participate in a supervised rehearsal within the hospital. This ensures a smooth transition for the entire family when the patient actually leaves the hospital.
At discharge, we refer families to physicians who specialize in the care of infants and toddlers with special needs. We recommend early intervention programs and additional therapies to help ensure continuity of care. If the hospital isn’t within convenient distance from a family’s home, we’ll recommend other appropriate outpatient services and maintain close communication with the new care provider.
With a mission to help every child reach his or her fullest potential, the Children’s Specialized team is highly motivated by a strong record of positive outcomes and success.
  • In 2010, 145 patients were admitted to the Infant and Toddler Program for an average length of stay of 48 days.
  • 100% of ventilator dependent patients were transitioned to a portable ventilator.
  • 56% of ventilator dependent patients were weaned off.
  • 82% of patients who were able to feed by mouth either maintained or increased their oral feedings.
  • Following discharge, parent/caregivers expressed 100% confidence in their ability to manage their child’s care.
  • 100% of TPN dependent patients were weaned off TPN, with full advancement of enteral feeding.
  • All patients made gains in developmental milestones.
  • Our Press Ganey patient satisfaction overall assessment score was 91.9 out of 100.
*Source: Children’s Specialized Hospital, Press Ganey, 2010
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