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Children's Specialized Hospital Infant and Toddler Program
Infant Toddler
The Infant Toddler Program at Children's Specialized Hospital provides intensive and comprehensive rehabilitation services for infants and young children ages birth to 3 years with complex medical needs. The program treats children who require all levels of pediatric care.
Patients are treated with a comprehensive, therapeutic program, coupled with excellent medical and nursing care. Because of this team approach, a coordinated treatment plan can be designed to meet the complex needs of each patient and his or her family.
While emphasizing age-appropriate skills, the team customizes goals based on each child's medical stability, age, and developmental level to maximize his or her unique potential. The multidisciplinary staff is highly trained in working with children who require special equipment and/or ventilator assistance. The team uses cutting edge treatment to encourage children's interaction with their environment during daily activities. To offer this specialized care, our staff is committed to pursuing ongoing education and training in state-of-the-art techniques used to treat this unique population.
Patients who need special medical care, such as patients with tracheotomies, special feeding needs, and intravenous/central lines, can be managed while receiving habilitation therapy.
Family involvement is vital to a child's overall development. We strongly encourage family participation in treatment sessions. Our team instructs families in caring for their children and using special equipment. Families learn about therapeutic interventions that promote growth and development.
Computer-mediated learning and assistive technologies are used to increase the cognitive-motor development of medically compromised infants. Children who have feeding difficulties are evaluated if they are eligible candidates for our Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Feeding Program.
Children that may have trouble calming themselves or are extremely sensitive to touch may be candidates for our Infant Massage Program, which helps to engage and calm a child during their therapy sessions. Our Rehabilitation Technology team works with the physical and/or occupational therapist in determining the best system for seating and positioning. They help facilitate the acquisition of stroller inserts as well as other positional equipment. Prior to discharge, a certified passenger safety technician will work with the family in determining the best car seat for their child and will also ensure that it is properly installed in the family vehicle.
Families and caregivers are also encouraged to participate in the monthly patient/family meetings where they can meet with the medical, nursing and rehab team to learn what goals and objectives have been set and met for their child. By being an integral part of the team, caregivers learn the skills necessary to care for their child's special needs in preparation for discharge. In addition, parent groups meet two times a month in order to provide families time for respite and support.
When a family is discharged, all arrangements have been made for securing their individual home care needs, obtaining necessary medical equipment, scheduling follow up medical appointments and arranging for on-going therapies as needed. 

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