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Team Treatment

When a child is admitted, our team of specialists evaluates the child’s condition and nursing and medical needs as well as his or her motor function, speech, hearing, and intellectual abilities. The team develops a customized treatment and rehabilitation program.

We equip the patient with the tools and technologies to help him or her with seating and positioning, independent mobility, communication, and environmental controls to operate lights, televisions, phones, and computers. We assist the family with home modifications and prepare school staff for a return to the classroom.

The child’s education during inpatient stay is provided by full-time teachers and individual tutors. A patient care coordinator contacts the child’s home school district to arrange for in-hospital tutoring.

The patient and family may continue to receive care and therapy through our outpatient services, which may include medical management, physical, occupational, and speech therapy, psychological counseling, and neuro-rehabilitation. We’ll arrange for vocational services and driver assessment and training, as necessary. We also feature social and leisure programs, which include:

  • Wheelchair Sports. This program offers kids the chance to play sports and improve fitness, independence, self-esteem, and motivation. Our team, Lightning Wheels, is one of the best in the world.
  • Friday Night Fever. This social group provides a positive environment for kids ages 12 to 21, where they can develop social skills and self-esteem.
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