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General Rehabilitation

The General Rehabilitation Program at Children's Specialized Hospital provides intensive and comprehensive rehabilitation services for children and teens with a range of injuries or disorders, including neurologic, orthopedic, and developmental and cardiopulmonary problems.

The General Rehabilitation Program is designed for infants to young adults up to age 21 at all levels of cognitive awareness. We offer comprehensive medical, nursing, therapeutic, educational, and other services. The program addresses impairments in cognition, mobility, self-care, feeding, communication, social-emotional function, sensory processing, and academic function. Providing innovative, expert, and loving care, we help young patients continue to play, learn, and grow while reclaiming their lives.

Our program aims for maximum progress while placing the needs of patients and their families at the center of all activities. We make every effort to accommodate cultural and spiritual needs. We offer a continuum of care through our inpatient and outpatient services, individual and group therapy, and opportunities for play, leisure, sports, and social activities. Our eye remains on the ultimate goal: a successful return to home, school, and community life.

Patients and their families are an essential part of the rehabilitation team. We strongly encourage regular visits. Our team instructs families in caring for their children and using special equipment.

Our Medical Specialities
A pediatric rehabilitation physician heads the program, which delivers medical care in autoimmune disorders, immune suppression, autonomic dysreflexia, bowel and bladder function, circulation, demyelinating disorders, dysphagia, fertility, genetic disorders, infectious disorders, musculoskeletal complications, neurological changes, nutrition, pain, respiration, sexual function, skin integrity, spasticity, vision, and more. Medical consulting services include:

  • cardiology
  • dentistry
  • dermatology
  • endocrinology
  • gastroenterology
  • genetics
  • infectious disease
  • neurology
  •  ophthalmology
  • orthopedic surgery
  • physiatry
  • plastic surgery
  • podiatry
  • psychiatry
  • pulmonary medicine
  • urology  


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