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Children's Specialized Hospital Brain Injury Program

Treatment and Outcomes
When a child is admitted, our team of specialists carefully evaluates and assesses the child's neurological status, function level, nursing and medical needs as well as his or her motor function, speech, hearing and intellectual abilities. The team develops a customized rehabilitation program that focuses on the child's medical, physical, cognitive, and psychosocial needs.
Within 24 hours of admission, we provide a child with a means of mobility. We equip the patient with the tools and technologies to help him or her with seating and positioning, independent mobility, communication, daily activities, environmental access and computer access. We assist the family with home modifications and prepare school staff for a return to the classroom.
While at our hospital, we also arrange for one-on-one tutoring or lessons in our inpatient classroom. We emphasize lengthening attention span and building confidence. In addition to individual treatment, group therapy provides opportunities to enhance arousal, alertness, orientation and socialization. The team meets regularly to monitor progress and set new goals for each patient.
The program provides comprehensive follow-up, including our outpatient Neurorehabilitation program (link to program). We continue to see, treat, and help our patients for five to 10 years post-trauma. In addition, we'll arrange for vocational services and driver assessment and training, as necessary.
  • In 2010 the Children’s Specialized Brain Injury Program treated 177 children and teens as inpatients. The average hospital stay was 30 days.
  • Our rehabilitation outcomes were in the top quartile compared to similar pediatric rehabilitation facilities.
  • Following discharge, parents/caregivers expressed 100% confidence in managing their child’s care.
  • Average length of patient stay decreased by 26%, 2010 vs. 2009.

*Source: Children’s Specialized Hospital, WeeFim, 2010

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