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Children's Specialized Hospital Brain Injury Program
Brain Injury Team
The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program is under the direction of Dr. Krishan Yalamanchi, M.D. who is board certified in Pediatrics, with sub-specialty certification in Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics. Dr. Yalamanchi is supported by certified brain injury specialists, as well as a talented team of staff pediatric specialists and consulting physicians. Bridget Bourke, APN, assists in all areas of clinical management. All medical programs are under the supervision of Uday Mehta, M.D., Interim Medical Director.
Other specialists on staff include physicians in physiatry, neurology and developmental pediatrics. Consulting specialists are available in the following fields: cardiology, orthopedics, otolaryngology, urology, ophthalmology, radiology, neurosurgery, dentistry, orthodontics, plastic surgery, pulmonary medicine, psychiatry, rehabilitation engineering, audiology, and podiatry.
In addition, the following team members are an integral part of your child’s care:
The audiologist provides comprehensive hearing testing services as needed.
Physical Therapist
The physical therapist uses therapeutic interventions, including aquatic therapy in our heated pool, to promote gross motor development to improve strength, endurance, coordination and independent mobility. Patients and families learn how to use orthotics, prosthetics, wheelchairs and other aids as needed.
Occupational Therapist
The occupational therapist works with patients to improve activities of daily living such as bathing or dressing and works with patients to maximize independence.
Skilled nurses address and deliver care for a range of medical needs unique to brain-injured persons.
Recreational Therapist and Child Life Specialist
Provides treatment through recreational and leisure activities to promote the independent physical, cognitive, and social-emotional abilities of patients by enhancing current skills and facilitating the establishment of new skills. Recreational Therapists also provide leisure education to encourage a healthy lifestyle.
Child Life Specialist
Provides treatment to create an environment that encourages and allows the patient to openly share and express feelings about their injury and hospitalization. Treatments also focus on minimizing the stress experienced with hospitalized children by teaching enhanced coping skills to effectively deal with pain and anxiety. Both Child Life Specialists and Recreational Therapists provide opportunities for successful re-integration into the community, along with recreational/leisure services intended to increase independence and social functioning.
The psychologist gives supportive counseling to patients and families to address specific problems they have relating to the injury, such as changes in functional status, independence, self-esteem, social roles, sexuality issues and body image.
Speech Therapist
The speech-language pathologist helps patients communicate effectively by improving skills in sound production, receptive and expressive language and cognitive linguistics as well as addressing feeding and swallowing skills.
The dietician assesses patients’ nutritional status and plans customized menus with special consideration for religious customs and favorite foods.
Patient Care Coordinator
At the time of admission, each patient and family is seen by a Patient Care Coordinator. This person is responsible for providing financial resources, networking with community agencies, and discharge planning services to ensure a smooth transition to home. In addition, support groups are held for visiting family members.
The psychiatrist consults with patients' doctors, therapists and families and evaluates whether medication is beneficial for patients with behavioral or emotional issues resulting from the brain injury.
Specializes in the assessment of brain function and behavior. Their evaluations assist other professionals in the diagnosis and assessment of a patient’s level of functioning. They also assist the team in developing a plan to treat, rehabilitate, and educate the patient throughout the course of his/her development using a systematic approach to improve attention, memory, decision making, problem solving, higher level thinking and social and behavioral skills
A learning assessment specialist who evaluates the academic achievement levels of patients in order to assist in educational planning.
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