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Alyssa Glick
Esther Glick, of Queens, New York, beams with positivity. Her voice is full of happiness and hope for her daughter—an attitude she credits Children’s Specialized Hospital for giving her. Alyssa Glick’s journey began in March 2012, when the 10-year-old suddenly came down with a fever and was simultaneously unable to move one of her legs. After three days Alyssa’s doctor sent her to the emergency room. Esther was first told it was paralysis, a tumor, or acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) on the spine. Alyssa’s numbness and swelling worsened, and she became paralyzed from her upper back down to her feet. Alyssa was put on heavy steroids, and endured more swelling.
On March 7, Alyssa and her family were sent to PSE&G Children’s Specialized Hospital in New Brunswick for intensive inpatient rehabilitation, which Esther says is the best thing that could have happened for her daughter and their family.
“The team there put Alyssa back together. They taught her how to live life in a wheelchair, and as she regained feeling and movement in her legs, and how to walk again,” she says. “Her occupational therapist was incredible. Tara, her child life specialist, helped us do everything. And Laura, her physical therapist, got Alyssa where she is today. She was like another mom to Alyssa.” Alyssa was also one of the first patients to use a brand-new piece of equipment in the physical therapy gym at the hospital. A recently installed ZeroG machine, help patients regain the ability to walk independently. It is the world’s most advanced body weight support system for walking and balance training. Children’s Specialized is one of only two children’s hospitals to have the ZeroG equipment, and one of only twenty sites in the world.
With the use of this new system, in which a patient walks using a harness attached to a track in the ceiling, and the help of her therapists, Alyssa had the ability to bear weight earlier on in her rehabilitation, while in a safe environment, making every stride stronger than the last. Alyssa left the hospital on June 5, after three months of inpatient care, and visits Children’s Specialized for outpatient care. Her family regularly commuted from their Long Island home to come to Children’s Specialized.
Today, Alyssa is walking, jumping and even got on a bike again recently. “I wasn't fully cognizant of her diagnosis when we got out of the hospital,” Esther remembers. “I asked, why are you teaching her how to be in a wheelchair? When I had my first meeting they gently told me the truth that we had a long way to go. My first thought was that she would never ride a bike again. It was a real emotional moment when she got on the bike. We're well on our way."

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