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Children's Specialized Hospital relies heavily on volunteer support to provide the best care possible for our patients. We are currently accepting volunteers at the following locations:

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Traditional volunteer placements such as patient cuddlers, before or after school support for our children in residence (helping them get to the bus or off the bus and back to their rooms), and physical therapy patient transporters are available for adult volunteers and college-aged students. The majority of volunteers serve at our facilities in Mountainside, Toms River, and New Brunswick although we welcome volunteers at all of our locations. Most volunteers in traditional placements are expected to serve at least 30 hours annually.

Professional Partners is our highly individualized volunteer program that matches community professionals with hospital-based sponsors in non-clinical departments. These volunteers apply their skills and talents to a broad range of departments and projects and work directly with their in-hospital peers and colleagues in such areas as research, writing and training. Work can be done at any of our locations, or “virtually” from home or office. For those seeking greater volunteering flexibility and wanting to build or extend their experience in the health care setting, a professional partnership with Children’s Specialized Hospital can be an ideal fit. Specific projects are developed in consultation with hospital staff and time commitments vary depending on the project(s) and timelines.

Special Events: For those who enjoy the excitement of special events, we offer a program of “episodic volunteering”. Volunteers are needed throughout the year for such activities as holiday decorating, walk-a-thon support, fund-raising programs, event assistance and more. Join the team and you’ll receive periodic e-mails about upcoming activities and how you can help. NOTE: Accelerated screening and orientation are provided for individuals who want to confine their volunteering to special events.

The process of becoming a volunteer at any of our sites is rigorous and requires a commitment of time and effort. The process is designed to ensure the safety of our patients, families, staff and volunteers and is required and monitored by The Joint Commission and NJ Department of Health.
Personal interviews are conducted with all candidates to explore their talents and experience in light of hospital goals and needs. Once a placement is suggested (and prior to on-boarding) candidates will be required to successfully complete an initial medical screening, two tuberculosis tests, and an orientation program. All adult volunteers are also subject to a background check completed at our expense by an independent agency.

Starting September 1, 2011, we are raising the minimum age of a volunteer applicant to 15 years old to better serve our patients and the community. High school students 15 and older and college students may apply for year-round traditional volunteer placement positions. High school and college students may also apply for our special events volunteer programs.


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