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In Pediatric Long Term Care

Our Pediatric Long Term Care Center at Children's Specialized Hospital provides dignified and tender loving care for children with long-term medical needs. This warm and welcoming atmosphere combines specialized therapeutic, medical and nursing care with a diverse array of activities designed to maintain each child’s abilities and encourage their maximum potential. We aim to help families with a child in our Pediatric Long Term Care center make this a tender loving home for their child.

What to Bring
Families are invited to bring room decorations, a special blanket, pictures and their child’s clothing.We want your child’s room to feel as much like home as possible.

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Get directions, contact information, and a first hand look at the centers in our locations: Family Satisfaction
We are committed to providing you with peace of mind by knowing that your son or daughter is in a safe and caring environment. As a pediatric long term care center , we are all committed to continuous improvement and our ears and hearts are open to hearing from you about the things we should keep doing an about things that we might be able to do better.
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