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Children's Specialized Hospital For Patients and Families
Family Faculty Contact Information
How to contact Family Faculty at each site:


1-888-CHILDREN, extension 2816
Sharon Clarken
Megan Fennelly

1-888-CHILDREN, extension 5346
Josanne Pearsall
Nancy Panarese
Linda Waddell

Lakehurst Road, Toms River
1-888-CHILDREN, extension 3961
Jessica Krill  
New Brunswick
1-888-CHILDREN, extension 7576
Kerry Ellmer
Pat O’Hanlon
Carrie Snyder
Lori Velasco

Stevens Road, Toms River
1-888-CHILDREN, extension 3757
Deidre Genovese
Michele Tomaino

For more information about the role of Family Faculty, click here.
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