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Children's Specialized Hospital For Patients and Families
Family Faculty
Family Faculty is a group of parents and caregivers of children who have received or still are receiving services at Children's Specialized Hospital. Our unique experiences with our own families help us have a different understanding and empathy for families going through similar situation. We work along with staff to help families have the most positive experience possible. In our role, Family Faculty provides valuable emotional support and assists families to acquire important resources to aid their children and families throughout their stay and therapy. Members of Family Faculty actively participate on many of the hospital’s committees, providing valuable feedback to Senior Leadership and staff as well as relaying information back to families. We welcome new families and also continue to build relationships with our existing families. Our role is also to empower families to become advocates for their children.

Here are some examples of what Family Faculty does and how we partner with staff:
  • Partner with all staff to support them in working with families
  • Talk and listen to families who receive a new diagnosis
  • Offer support to a new family/first time therapy/first time evaluation 
  • Help with a concerned parent who feels his/her child is not making enough progress
  • Support families who are being prepared for discharge
  • Provide local resources to families
  • Offer the perspective of being a caregiver of a child with special needs
  • Share information with all staff on the emotions families may go through and how this might affect all aspects of care and communication
  • Review written correspondence that will be going out to families and offer suggestions from a family perspective
  • Assist with special projects (Occupational Therapy Month, Speech Therapy Month, etc.)
  • Organize educational workshops for families on various topics pertaining to their children’s needs e.g. ( Special Needs Trusts and Wills, Services available through DDD, ARC)
  • Organize, catalogue, and maintain various resource rooms and resource areas
  • Partner with education staff to provide new employee orientation, “A Family Perspective” on what it’s like to receive services at Children’s Specialized Hospital
  • Discuss with families the value of their input and importance of completing their Press Ganey Patient and Family Satisfaction Survey
  • Partner with staff in preparing written “guides” for our families such as the Outpatient Guide and Pocket Pal
  • Help staff in building relationships with families and one another
  • Work with foundation staff in sharing our stories with outside groups who are interested in supporting Children’s Specialized Hospital.
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