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Children's Specialized Hospital Careers
The Psychology Externship Program at Children’s Specialized Hospital

The Mountainside CSH psychology department offers an externship for advanced doctoral students in psychology. The program holds two externship positions. Students are required to work 16 hours spread over two days. Individual and group supervision in the form of case conference presentations, seminars and department meetings are included in the minimum time requirement. Each student will be assigned a primary supervisor who they will meet with at least once per week for one hour. Students will participate in individual, group and family therapy during their tenure. Students will conduct diagnostic assessments for their patients. Students also have the opportunity to observe and conduct psychological testing, Autism evaluations, and feeding team evaluations. Students will have opportunities to “co-treat” patients and their families as the need arises.

Applications should be made in January, and decisions are completed by March for an externship starting in September. The externship follows the NY/NJ consortium guidelines for interviewing and extending offers to applicants. Interested applicants should send a letter of interest to Richard Leit, Ph.D, coordinator of training, at rleit@childrens-specialized.org.

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