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Strategic Plan

strategic plan

The vision, mission and values at Children’s Specialized Hospital are woven into the lives of each employee, child, and family that come through the doors of any one of the 12 locations. The organization uses the strategic plan as a guiding tool for continuous growth and improvement. In the video above, Amy B. Mansue, President and CEO, of Children’s Specialized Hospital, explains the meaning behind the strategic plan and how it is applied to the work done at Children’s Specialized Hospital.

A world where all children can reach their full potential.

To be the preeminent provider of specialized healthcare services for infants, children, and young adults.


We provide a loving, caring, family-centered environment for the children, their families, and each other. We advocate for children and their families.
We are committed to organizational and financial accountability, transparency, respect for all, and ethical practices.
We will be the best at our work and provide the highest quality family-centered care to our children, constantly striving to improve.
We go above and beyond the norm and will be creative in providing care and solving problems.
Teamwork and Collaboration:
We seek to collaborate and partner in all that we do. We are a team where every person is needed to provide the quality care for which we are known. We work together and communicate effectively.
We will provide a positive and friendly environment.

Pillars from the Patient and Family Perspective:

The overall strategy of Children’s Specialized Hospital is to place patient- and family-centered care as the core of all that we do every day, offering the same high standards of empathy and compassion we would for our own children and families. Each pillar represents an area of focus to continuously fulfill the vision, mission and values at Children’s Specialized Hospital.

Children’s Specialized Hospital and its partners are fully engaged in enabling children with special healthcare needs to reach their fullest potential.
Children’s Specialized Hospital generates a sufficient base of resources to advance specialized child health and have a significant impact on children with special healthcare needs.
Children’s Specialized Hospital accelerates the pace of growth to impact more children with special healthcare needs, and serving as an industry leader.
Children’s Specialized Hospital establishes, asserts, and leverages “best in class” clinical quality and service excellence.

"As an organization, we have had tremendous growth, but people tell us 'It’s still not enough.'”

- Amy B. Mansue, President and CEO

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