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Message from Our Leaders

Dear Friends,

22,872 children with special and complex medical needs.

That’s the number of children we served in 2013 -- nearly double that of ten years ago. In 2013, we took steps to serve dramatically more children. We recruited more specialty trained physicians and nurse practitioners to serve kids on the autism spectrum and those who might have developmental delays. Compared to other pediatric hospitals with one or two providers in these areas, we now have close to 50 experts advancing New Jersey’s fight against the autism epidemic.

In September of 2013, the doors opened to our latest outpatient location in Newark! The facility reflects ten years of work with our very important donor-partner -- the Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey -- which gave us a $500,000 grant with the directive, “We want you in Newark.” It is an absolute joy to be in Newark, an underserved community where we are already making a difference in children’s lives.

In 2013, our board of trustees ratified a three-year strategic plan incorporating our communities’ needs into our goals. When we invited input from families, regulators, insurers and community leaders from across the state, we heard that they love the work we do. They also told us that we need to expand. This affirms that no matter how much Children’s Specialized grows, our communities want more, because our services have such an impact on children’s lives.

Serving more children helps us live our vision: A world where every child reaches his or her full potential. The first step is making sure they get the critical health services they need to thrive. As you will see in this report for fiscal 2013, we are sparing nothing to make this happen.

Thank you,

Amy B. Mansue
President and CEO

Robin A. Walton
Chair, Board of Trustees

Dear Friends,

Thanks to the generosity and compassion of our donors and corporate partners, as well as gains on investment, 2013 was another successful year for Children’s Specialized Hospital Foundation.

Revenues raised in 2013 enabled the Foundation to transfer nearly $6 million to our expanding network of hospitals throughout the state. We provided financial support to over 30 departments at our 12 sites for vital programs, increased services and ongoing capital expansion.

In 2013, an anonymous donor let us take our first step into telemedicine by funding the purchase of a VGo robot. Controlled remotely through an iPad or computer, the robot allows visual contact and access to a patient from a distance, by a physician or family. The benefits to our patients and providers are tremendous: An off-site physician can visually check on a patient; doctors can remotely consult with one another; and a family unable to physically visit their child – for example, grandparents in another state – can see their child during a virtual visit. Our physicians, residents and families are already using this remarkable technology. The VGo represents just one way we are exploring ways to deliver care differently to benefit our patients.

Also in 2013, we added a hospital “virtual wish list” to the Foundation’s web site, so donors can earmark their gifts for particular areas of need. Within the first six weeks, we raised $16,000. This speaks volumes about you, our donor partners.

We are humbled by your kindness and generosity and the opportunity you afford us to touch and change the lives of our patients. Thank you.


Philip Salerno III
President and CDO

Nicholas Boccella
Chairman, Board of Trustees