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Expert Care For Infants

Tamara Roberts, of Newark, was born with a cyst on her liver that prevented it from functioning normally. Skin and eyes yellow from severe jaundice, she had a liver transplant at the age of ten months.

The medication Tamara took to prevent her small body from rejecting the new liver suppressed her immune system, paving the way for a viral infection that triggered several rejections of the organ. Once the virus was eliminated, Tamara arrived at the infant and toddler program at PSE&G Children’s Specialized Hospital in New Brunswick. The people-loving little girl, who “smiled through her pain,” according to her mother, Isheia, was at the best possible place to heal, develop and thrive.

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A major referral center for the region’s neo-natal intensive care units (NICUs) and pediatric intensive care units (PICUs), the infant and toddler program provides care at the forefront of pediatric rehabilitation to children from birth through three years with complex medical and developmental needs. Its tiny patients – many of them micro preemies born after fewer than 25 weeks gestation -- benefit from a concentration of specialists proficient in pioneering therapies and technology unique in the state or region. Arriving dependent on machines to breathe and eat, patients are helped to perform these functions independently, to grow, and to meet developmental milestones.

Today, as a growing toddler, Tamara continues to thrive under the care of pediatric specialists at Children's Specialized Hospital Pediatric Medical Day Care. Located in Roselle Park, this center allows Tamara to play, learn, and receive the medical care she needs from pediatric nurses, therapists, teachers, and nutritionists every day. As a result of her initial care at PSE&G Children's Specialized Hospital and the continued care she receives at Children's Specialized Hospital Medical Day Care, Tamara has transformed from a struggling infant to a blossoming toddler.

“Our care at Children's Specialized Hospital is always personal, and thoughtful. Each session is individualized for my son.”

-Grateful Patient

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