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It is truly amazing to see how far Joshua Lyons has come during his time at Children’s Specialized Hospital. At just four months old, Joshua was diagnosed with a cerebral hemorrhage in his brain, causing bleeding within the brain tissue. He has had 24 operations, 19 of them were cranial procedures to treat epilepsy and hydrocephalus, a condition that has weakened his right side. Day by day, Joshua continues to exceed the expectations of doctors, nurses, therapists, and family members alike.

Joshua’s family moved from New York to Newark, New Jersey just to be closer to the experts in pediatric specialty care and therapy at Children’s Specialized Hospital. “Having expert therapists so close to home was so important to us knowing how much therapy Joshua needs,” said Audrey Lions, Joshua’s mother. “Even more important is the wonderful care he receives when we’re here. All of the therapists are amazing. They have helped him regain so much since his surgeries, and we will forever be grateful.”

Through weekly routines of occupational, speech, and physical therapy sessions, the progress Joshua has made is unbelievable. Even more unbelievable is Joshua’s energetic and enthusiastic attitude. “Every day is the best day of my life” he says. His positive attitude combined with therapies has contributed to his ability to speak clearer, button and zip his own coat, learn and write his ABC’s, and gain independence to partake in many other activities that once seemed impossible. Celebrating every achievement along the way, Joshua and his family are ready to see what the future holds for this beautiful young boy and his one-of-a-kind personality.

“Children’s Specialized Hospital’s program taught me to keep pushing forward and just never give up.”

-Grateful Patient

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