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Dedication to Ruth and Peter Metz

Have you ever noticed the blue umbrella in the Children’s Specialized Hospital logo or wondered why the foundation newsletter is called “Under the Umbrella?”

Well, the idea was inspired by Ruth and Peter Metz, almost 20 years ago, when they first began their involvement at Children’s Specialized Hospital. In addition to over 20 years of volunteer service, leadership, and charitable support, Ruth and Peter Metz donated a statue of children standing together under an umbrella. The statue still stands today in front of the Mountainside location and the idea of the umbrella seemed to stick!

As members of the Auxillary and the Foundation Board of Trustees, the Metz’s played a role in many of the key decisions affecting Children's Specialized from the early 1990, until Peter passed away in January 2014. Their personal support in terms of time, talent, and generosity had a direct and significant impact on many of the programs offered today. Among these programs are; pediatric practice, social and recreational camps, the creation of PSE&G Children’s Specialized Hospital in New Brunswick, and current research initiatives being done today.

Ruth and Peter Metz were true philanthropists and their participation alone was a gift to all of the employees, patients and families at Children's Specialized Hospital.
ruth and peter metz Ruth and Peter Metz